Free Featured Ads

Acquire free placement as "featured" with Conditions

What is a "Featured" ?

Your ads will be best placed on our site, on the front page, to our favorite selection...

If several of your properties have been placed in "Featured", you will also have your company "featured" to our list like our best "seller" partners.

We put some ads to "Featured", if they come closest to our diffusion policy.
We choose the most attractive goods, and easiest to buy.

 For that, the good that you insert will have imperatively to correspond to all these criterias : 

- Have a price at least equal, or better, lower than the market. (A goods does not yet sold is always above the price it should have been). (We compare with similar property and in the same area. We will be strict on that point).

- The photos must be of very good quality, with sufficient resolution, and very sharp. (A goods with pictures of bad qualities will not be attractive).

- The characteristics of the property as well as the description must be as complete and as clear as possible. (Miss of datas will not enhance your value).

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